Finished the London to Brighton 2008 bike ride!

me and seb

Just wanted to send a thank you to you all for sponsoring me, on my first
London to Brighton bike ride. I have learned quite a few things about fitness
or rather my sincere lack of it. I raised £422.48 not including offline
contributions. It was really kind of you to sponsor me and next year I am
going to get a large posse of people together and get some t shirts done,
everyone is welcome.

Me and my brother

EDIT: Facebook photos here:

I think I assumed that the ride would be none too taxing, that was a mistake,
although I only had 4 hours sleep beforehand (insomnia is a cruel maiden) and
I have a small cough/cold I managed to do it in about 5 hours. In the
interests of full disclosure, I walked the entire Ditchling Beacon as by then
I had lost all power in my legs. What a big girls blouse.

I am going to train hard now and next year go back there supercharged and do
twice as good. I hope that you feel you got your moneys worth as I am all
kinds of sore, and my bike is sulking in the shed.

Thanks once again, for those of you who are on Facebook I will be posting
photos, and for those of you who frequent alcohol establishments with me, if
you ask nicely I will let you stroke my medal.

Thanks once again


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