´╗┐British Gas - Next gen app.

Creative direction, team leadership & design strategy

As an Associate Creative Director at SapientRazorfish, I led the design team working on the new next generation native apps for British Gas/Centrica. My role was split between managing the design team and reporting to senior stakeholders as well as advising on features, native mobile standards, design language and innovation.


I was hired by the lovely people at SapientRazorfish´╗┐ as an Associate Creative Director to lead the design team working on the new 'next gen' native apps for British Gas. After an intense incubation period an MVP was launched allowing smart meter customers to check their usage, add budgets, and pay bills using Apple and Android pay.


Design Sprints
I ran a series of design sprints, based on the Google Design Sprint. The goal was to ´╗┐bring the team together and focus on features that we wanted to give the customer.


Push notifications are the de-facto passive interaction channel for the brand. Every brand has a story, and users buy into the story, not the brand itself per se. Push notifications can be used as a means of extending the brand story over different channels. At every point of business, brands can send a push notification to amplify the effect of their brand story.


Minimal UI
Working closely with brand and their agency, and free from the current constraints and pattern libraries  we can craft a visual language which is truly next generation, minimal, intuitive, clean, accessible and bang on brand.


Apple Watch
A design exploration taking the core functionality and appropriating it for Apple Watch.